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Balancing Your Weapons Is Imperative

Military and law enforcement officers know all too well how heavy tactical

weapons are, as well as how cumbersome they can be when strapped to your

body. As a simple example, a loaded Glock 19 is 1.7 pounds, and a loaded

M&P Shield is 1.6 pounds! When combined with other weapons and gear on

your body, that’s a lot of weight to carry around!

Stratus Support Systems is well aware of how hefty tactical weapons and

gear are, as well as the importance of keeping all of that bulk balanced on

your frame while leaving your hands free for maximum performance. Even

distribution is also a crucial factor in reducing fatigue.

There are many reasons why good balance while wielding all types of

fighting weapons is crucial. It matters a great deal for control of the weapon.

For example, if a knife is too weight forward, it can slow down your

recovery and become more of an axe than a sword. Good balance makes you

much more effective in combat.

A good balance of weapons on a physique helps to connect the weapons to

the user. You want the weapons to feel connected to your body with no

unnecessary tension or effort required. Getting back to a knife, if the balance

point is forward and the blade is heavy, it will produce tension in your

forearm while trying to lift it, which will require a lot of physical exertion if

the rest of your weapons aren’t sufficiently balanced on your body. The

importance of physical stamina while fighting can’t be underestimated.

Stratus Support System’s equipment is ideal for SWAT teams, law

enforcement officers, military operators, shooters and hunters. Our

products have a lifetime guarantee. If you would like to contact us,

please call 832-594-7925 or email us at stratussupportsystems.com.

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