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Jake Fitch is currently a Patrol Sergeant at the City of Coolidge Police Department. He works as the department armored and supply officer as well an officer on the warrant and active shooter response team. Prior to becoming a Texas Peace Officer, he served in the U.S Army active and reserves as a line medic and trauma specialist. After the military he worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a corrections officer. He is an avid shooter and survival enthusiast. Have gun, will travel.

JT Fitch


Charles Starkey

When Charles Starkey of Oklahoma is not working as the Assistant Chief of Police or filming for outdoor television shows, he specializes in predator hunting. "My best friend introduced me to predator hunting 19 years ago. I still love hunting anything but predator hunting tops my list." The Original Stratus works great to reduce fatigue on long walks to new areas & keeps weapon secure. 

Dan Strohsack

A 15 year veteran of Lorain County Sheriff Office in Ohio, Dan's many assignments include SWAT, armorer, instructor, MRAP and Detective duties.  The experience and skill level he brings with him to the Pro Staff is much welcome.  He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family while hunting and fishing.   Favorite quote: “Evil is powerless, if the good are unafraid”  - Ronald Reagan  We do agree.


Tim K.

A tactical paramedic for his city's SWAT team and an avid hunter and competitive shooter.  He has a background with private security and trains with SWAT and teaches emergency medical care to Police Officers & other first responders.